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We Need to Talk About Your Website Flair

Having a website is a great start, but it’s just the bare minimum. Think of it as the “15 pieces of flair” of the digital marketing world.

“We need to talk about your flair.” 

Video Clip from Office Space (1999, Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation)

3 Simple Ways to Give Your Website Flair


Optimize for mobile.

By now you know that your site needs to be mobile-friendly. But did you realize that true mobile optimization is about more than just resizing and rearranging your desktop site? When creating your site’s mobile layouts and content, be sure to consider your mobile visitor’s unique needs. For example, mobile users are much more likely to be looking for directions to your location than desktop users, so good mobile UI will make that information easily accessible by bringing it to the top instead of leaving it buried in your footer or on a separate Contact page.


Make it work.

Today’s web users are accustomed to managing almost every aspect of their lives online. From paying bills to managing investments and buying everything under the sun, we’re no strangers to completing tasks and making transactions online. In fact, we’ve come to expect it. As a business, you can meet these new user expectations by making sure your website works for your customers. Step back and ask yourself, “What does my website say?” and “What does it do?” If your site is all talk and no action, consider adding value with interactive tools. Make your site more than just an advertisement of your capabilities. Create something that will help your customers in their day to day business life. You can do it as a free value-add or loss leader, or monetize it. A good example is London-based Houston PR’s Buzzsaw tool.


Get integrated.

Integrate your website with other business systems for a better customer experience; systems like CRM, accounting, social media channels, blog, ecommerce, live chat support, ticket statuses, etc. Make it a functional part of your business, you’ll have cracked the code of user engagement that keeps them coming back again and again, etc. Enrich your site with dynamic or user-driven content. A good example of this tip is the St. Louis Homes and Lifestyles magazine website.

Need Suggestions?

Sometimes it takes a fresh set of eyes or an outsider’s perspective to see all the opportunities available to spice up your site. Call us at 314.446.3393 for a free consultation from a Blayzer digital marketing expert.