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7 Ways to Repurpose Blog Content

New content helps people discover you, get interested in your products/services, and build enough trust that they’re ready to buy. Creating content is a difficult task and generating new content from scratch daily can be a headache since it’s incredibly time consuming.

Don’t worry, we’ve got some good news for you: You can cure that headache by simply repurposing your existing content. Doing that can increase your productivity, and at the same time, bring in more traffic, and convert more leads.

That’s why repurposing content is such an exciting idea. But how can you do it? Here are some examples.


Turn it into Different Formats

One of the easiest ways to reuse your existing blog content is to turn it into another format such as infographic, presentation, podcast or video. You may wonder why don’t we just reuse the text, but that’s a big no-no. Reusing text creates duplicate content issues, which will hurt your SEO. But if you turn it into another format, then you can avoid this problem and double your content.


Refresh your old material

You have spent a great amount of time to create your blog content, so you know which topics or posts are most successful. Therefore, you can refresh them by adding new, timely information. This way, you can reuse old content that has a great performance in the past to create a new piece that has the same quality.


Turn a Numbered Summary into Individual Posts

People love bite-sized information or tactical tips so numbered list posts are always a hit. Try to breathe new life into these posts by digging deeper into each individual topic, and turning them into their own, full post. Explain each individual topic in more details, add some new information and helpful examples.


The Hub and Spoke Method

Some quality content can easily spark your interest and makes you want to write more about that topic or anything related to it. That’s where the Hub and Spoke method comes in. With this method, you use one amazing, in-depth piece as an inspiration to write follow ups, additions, or related news. Then you will link back to your original piece for further reading. This tactic is beneficial because It helps you extend the life of each article by continuing to bring it up. And it improves your SEO with relevant, high quality links back to your site


Craft an email series

Some content can be compressed into a bite-sized chunks, but still contain the same valuable information. This informative content can then transform into an email series for busy professionals who enjoy reading on the go. Having an email series can help you grow your list and collect subscribers.


Host a webinar

Throughout your blog, you’ve probably discovered the content that your audience is most interested in. So why not repurpose that topic into a conversion-driving event, like a webinar, which allows you to both present on a topic and engage your audience in conversation. Your existing content can be a great resource for a webinar.
A huge benefit of hosting a webinar is the feedback. Conversations with your audience will give you a feel for what they really care about, and should give you plenty of ideas for content to blog about in the future.


Create an ebook

You can expand your existing content into an eBook. Take the time to supplement with additional information or research. Add photos. Make the ebook something that is worth the additional investment. Then distribute your eBook in ways that work best for you—giveaway, reward, offer, etc. to grow a subscriber list or for an additional revenue stream.

Now take all this and get back out there. Repurposing your old content is genius we’ve just never seen it as possible before now. It’s time to bring back all those great ideas that never made the cut and let them run your campaign. We hope you got some beneficial information to boost your media channels and be sure to tune in next time to our blog here at Blayzer!