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Marketing as a Signal and Not a Noise

With the increasing amount of marketing and advertising activities, it can be hard to reach your customers. People are bombarded with 4,000 to 10,000 messages per day and less than 100 of those messages will be remembered. Which means you need to stand out from the crowd or your message will become the noise everyone’s trying to filter out. So how can you cut through all the noise in the marketing world to be the signal that customers need? Consider these following tips when you create your marketing strategy.

[wpo_block_heading title=”Deliver your message in…8 seconds, go!” subheading=”number one”]

According to a study from Microsoft Corp, human attention spans are now shorter than a goldfish– people lose concentration just after 8 seconds! Since brands don’t have a lot of time to explain who they are and what they offer, the key is to make an impression that is short and concise with great visuals.

[wpo_block_heading title=”Know your audience” subheading=”number two”]

86% of consumers say personalization plays a role in their purchasing decisions (Infosys). Businesses can influence consumers by delivering relevant, personalized messaging to help make shopping experiences more personal. Therefore, instead of a one-size-fits-all message, take the time to personalize your message.

Try to learn your audience from the-inside-out. This will help you understand what grabs your audience’s attention, and identify what types of content they’re looking for. It also allows you to see what resonates and connects with your audience. From this information, you can create messages that are more appealing and easier to remember.

[wpo_block_heading title=”Be helpful” subheading=”number three”]

One of many goals for a brand is moving the prospect from problem recognition to embracing the brand’s solution. To do that, you need more than just writing or telling catchy pitch; you need to educate them. Provide something useful to your audience in every message you create, add some value to their life. Let it be something entertaining, an answer to your customers’ questions, make sure it’s important and interesting information, but above all else, let it be useful.

[wpo_block_heading title=”Be at the right place, at the right time” subheading=”number four”]

Just because social media is popular doesn’t mean it’s the best way to deliver your brand’s message. You want to spend your money wisely and effectively, so optimize your engagement by learning where your target audience actually is, how much time do they spend there, and when do they use that channel. Knowing where and when to reach your target audience will increase your chance to connect with them and make a better impression.

Creating a marketing strategy that sticks with customers is not an easy task, thankfully there is Blazyer for that. We at a Blayzer know a thing or two about creating a strong and meaningful marketing strategy, so head on over to and check out our marketing strategy page to get started.