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How to Boost E-Commerce Sales with Instagram

With over 600 million users, and the last 100 million joined in just the past six months, Instagram is one of the biggest and most engaged online communities to date. The types of users it attracts makes Instagram a successful sales channel. According to a study by Iconosquare, the majority of ...
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Must-have Marketing Technologies of 2017

With the rapid development of technology nowadays, there are many tools out there that can help companies accomplish their jobs better, faster, and easier. However, with an overwhelming amount of tools available, sometimes it can be difficult for businesses to choose the right ones. And that’s where Blayzer comes in! ...
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7 Ways to Repurpose Blog Content

New content helps people discover you, get interested in your products/services, and build enough trust that they’re ready to buy. Creating content is a difficult task and generating new content from scratch daily can be a headache since it’s incredibly time consuming. Don’t worry, we’ve got some good news for you: ...
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Progress in Personalizing Email Marketing

In today’s society, personalization is everything. People are constantly trying to express themselves and create a world customized for them. Marketing has started following this trend, like in personalized Facebook ads based on recent searches or liked products. Most email marketers have also figured out that personalization matters. It increases open rates, ...
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The Benefits of Each Social Media Marketing Platform

Trying to decide which social media marketing platform to use? That is no easy task as more and more new social media platforms get embedded in our daily lives. If you’re not planning to use social media to market your business then you should be asking yourself, “why not?” Nearly ...
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Bing Ads – Is it Important?

Are Bing Ads a part of your search marketing strategy? If the answer is no, it means you are passing up a great opportunity. We know what you’re thinking: “No one uses Bing, so what can I miss?”. Believe it or not, Bing holds over 30% of the search marketplace in the ...