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The Benefits of Each Social Media Marketing Platform

Trying to decide which social media marketing platform to use? That is no easy task as more and more new social media platforms get embedded in our daily lives. If you’re not planning to use social media to market your business then you should be asking yourself, “why not?” Nearly two-thirds of all American Adults use social media and it’s trending upward rapidly since 2005.

The growth in social media is no doubt connected with the growth of mobile devices. People carry them everywhere they go and no longer need to wait to get home, hop on the desktop and see who liked their status before they left for work. Basically, this means that people are taking social media with them everywhere they go and if you’re not present to them, your competitors will be.

Hopefully, you’ve already concluded that you need to be present on social media but which platforms are right for you?

The Benefits of Each Social Media Marketing Platform:

The social media platform with far-and-away the most active users is Facebook but you may need to look deeper than just the number of users per platform and consider your target audience and who you’re trying to reach and how to best do that to spend your dollars wisely.

Benefits of Facebook:

Ok so Facebook has a lot of users and it’s like shooting fish in a barrel, right? Nope think again. You really should make use of Facebook’s demographic targeting to reach the users likely to buy your products or services. Facebook topic targeting has made targeting so much more effective since now you target people who are interested in your company’s products or industry.

However, the types of Facebook ads can get overwhelming, so be prepared. Ready? Let’s dig in.

  1. Domain Ad: The simplest type of Facebook ads. You just need to choose a title, a short description, and the URL to be displayed. Cheap cost but only displayed on the right column, which means no mobile support.
  2. Page Post Link: This is the most common of all the Facebook Ads types. It’s ideal to promote your website. You just need to showcase an image that can be clicked upon to lead the user to the desired landing page.
  3. Multi-Product (Carousel): Left-to-right scrolling ads that allow you to showcase your product or service via multiple images, which is extremely useful for eCommerce advertisers looking to promote multiple products.
  4. Dynamic Product Ads: These ads allow you to promote relevant products to shoppers who looked at that particular product on your website. All you have to do is upload your product catalog to Facebook, set up a Facebook pixel on your website, and create a dynamic ad template.
  5. Lead Ads: Lead Ads allow users to sign up to receive information from businesses (like newsletters or offers) with just a couple of taps on their smartphone. However, instead of being redirected to a landing page, a person clicking it sees a form they could fill without leaving Facebook.
  6. Canvas: Canvas is an interactive ad. Canvas lets customers swipe through your carousel of images, tilt the image in different directions, and/or zoom in or zoom out.
  7. Page Like: The go-to ad for increasing your page Likes. It can be shown on all placements and will include a visible call to action for users to immediately “Like” your page.
  8. Video Ads: Video Ads are great for both brand awareness and retargeting. It automatically starts playing silently in your News Feed, showcasing your product with subtitles available. When users click on the ad, the video will play with sound.
  9. Event: A great way to attract more visitors to come to your event. Based on the size and relevance of the event, you may want to limit the geographical reach of the ad.
  10. Offer: A quick and useful tool to target those familiar with your brand (e.g. Page Fans). Once your offer ad is live, any user who clicks on your ad will receive:
    1. a discount code with an expiration date (online)
    2. a barcode that they can use in-store

Benefits of Twitter:

Say hello to another “Goliath” of social media. Twitter is known for fast communication. When used correctly, it can be an effective tool to spread information and get the word out. You can also build great customer service by providing timely feedback, educational and reactive, helpful tweets. In addition, Twitter can connect with influencers and build a following quickly. You can also boost your content, and deliver it to a more targeted audience using the Twitter Ads option.

There are three different ad types for Twitter: Promoted TweetsPromoted Accounts, and Promoted Trends.

  1. Promoted Tweets: Act like regular Tweets and can be retweeted, replied to, liked, etc. Promoted Tweets appear directly in targeted users’ timelines, at the top of search results, and in the Twitter mobile app.
  2. Promoted Accounts: Promoted Accounts suggest accounts that people don’t currently follow and may find interesting. Therefore, this option allows you to get your Twitter account in front of targeted Twitter users to gain relevant followers.
  3. Promoted Trends: You can use Promoted Trends to promote a hashtag. These paid Promoted Trends will appear at the top of the Trending Topics list on Twitter and will be marked as “Promoted.” When Twitter users click on your Promoted Trend, they see all the Tweets containing the topic, with your Tweet at the top of the list.

Benefits of Instagram:

Visual content has become increasingly important on Social Media. People love to respond to aesthetic photos, short videos, and memes. As a fast-growing platform that focuses on images, Instagram is your perfect tool to reach a younger audience, especially Millennials. With Instagram, you can showcase your products and services to generate vast exposure. It gives you a chance to show off more of what you can offer. And if you’re not happy with the exposure you gain, you can use Instagram paid advertising program, with the following ad types

  1. Photo Ads: Tell your story and feature products through visually engaging imagery.
  2. Video Ads: You can share videos up to 60 seconds long.
  3. Carousel Ads: With carousel ads, the audience can swipe to see additional images and a call to action button takes them to your website to learn more.

Benefits of LinkedIn:

One in three professionals in the world has a LinkedIn account, and 49 percent of key decision makers use LinkedIn for business purposes. In short, LinkedIn has a high level of professional engagement that your business should not ignore. LinkedIn is a great tool to build your network, showcase your business products and services, and display your achievements so everyone will know exactly what you offer. This will help gain trust amongst customers/prospects.

If you want to spread your wings a little further, here’s what you can do:

  1. Sponsored Content: Get your company’s updates promoted to a specific audience.
  2. Text Ads: feature a compelling headline, description and, if you like, an eye-catching image.
  3. Sponsored InMail: help you deliver sponsored content directly to LinkedIn user inboxes. These emails are only delivered to active members on LinkedIn. Moreover, with this option, you can create personalized emails, which can help you drive conversion rates.

Benefits of Snapchat:

The new kid on the block in the social media world is pretty popular among tweens, teens and Millennials. SnapChat is raw, candid and in the moment, making it the perfect platform for storytelling and building a brand persona. It captures the everyday life of the brand which gives the brand a ‘real’ identity without filtering and professional editing.

Snapchat advertising is also releasing new options for advertisers, such as:

  1. Snap Ads: a mobile video ad with the choice to add an interactive element. Snap Ads appears in the context of other Snaps. You can give Snapchatters the choice to swipe up and see more extended content like a long-form video, article, app install ad or mobile website.
  2. Sponsored Geofilters: When your target audience take a Snap, they’ll see your Geofilter, in which they explain where, when, and why they took the Snap. Geofilters uniquely allow brands to take part in the hundreds of millions of Snaps sent between friends each day on Snapchat
  3. Sponsored Lenses: Offer not just an impression, but “play time”. Snapchatters can spend time playing with the interactive ad you’ve created. Some Lenses include prompts like “raise your eyebrows” to trigger an animation, adding a fun twist to the experience.

Benefits of Pinterest:

Another visual-based social site with females as the major users. 66% of Pinners say they use the service to save and collect things that inspire them. By providing a mix of aspirational and actionable Pins, you can showcase your brand and help it fit into someone’s life.  Moreover, Shopify and Pinterest have partnered to let customers buy your products without leaving Pinterest. Of course, you can also promote your pin to get more exposure.

In conclusion, each platform serves different purposes. Choosing the right one is better than appearing on all the platforms and not knowing what to do with them. We wish you best of luck in finding your match made in heaven. If you need assistance with any of these platforms, don’t hesitate to contact us!