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When Should You Update Your Marketing Strategy?

Many people know that the design of your brand needs to be updated with time. What some people don’t realize is that your marketing strategy must be modern as well. Say what?! Strategy isn’t timeless? No, friend, it is not.

Blayzer has a personal example of this that deals with the rise in the importance of mobile websites. The strategy we implemented back in 2010 didn’t account for the rising pertinence of having a mobile-friendly site, but we soon recognized the changing tides, made some important changes, and now mobile is a core element of our services and marketing messaging. If we hadn’t updated our strategy, potential sales might have been lost. Good prospects could have been left wondering why we aren’t asking about mobile development, proposing solutions, and promoting it, when they’ve heard elsewhere that it’s something a modern website needs.

So, how can you tell if your marketing strategy is out of date?

Blayzer’s done some research for you and found 7 signs that let you know it’s time to update your strategy.


you’re calling audible plays

By this, we mean that you’re making decisions on the fly that may or may not be consistent with your goals. This sign is extremely important because that should NEVER happen. You should always have consistency in your decisions and be absolutely certain they align with your brand goals.


Your meetings are getting heated

Internal disputes will be the downfall of any team, no matter how strong or well-crafted. Without an updated strategy, decisions that are made will not match everyone’s desires. One person may want a new, modern email marketing campaign targeting young business women, but another wants it to match the strategy, which doesn’t call for this new target. Arguments ensue, and it’s all downhill from there.


your results are declining

Whether it’s web traffic or a marketing campaign, your results will take a hit if your strategy isn’t modern. The world is evolving, and so should your marketing plan. Consumers are expecting bigger, better and newer things. If they don’t get that from you, you won’t get results.


your sales pipeline is sputtering

If your strategy is out of date, it will start to become less effective. You’ll start to see a decline in new opportunities coming in and fewer people completing the conversion to sales. You’ll notice people getting hung up at certain points in the sales pipeline, signaling that something at a certain step has lost effectiveness. This usually stems from new developments in the market and changing customer needs, and a lack of processes in place to address them. Your business itself might grow and change as well, shifting its focus. Your pipeline needs to be updated and shift along with it.


your cost-per-lead is rising

Old strategies not only cost you results, but they cost in your lead generation, as well. Your identity and messaging aren’t in step with the market anymore. Obsolete marketing strategies can cause your cost-per-lead to skyrocket because it becomes more difficult and expensive to create, nurture and convert opportunities.


your sales team has a low close rate

Not only is your pipeline uneven, but it’s not resulting in revenue, either. If your brand has an old strategy that just isn’t working for you anymore, like those sequined shirts from the early 2000’s, your consumers are going to wonder if you can deliver what they need. It could come off as though you can’t take care of your brand, and that is certainly not the impression you want to be giving off.


you don’t even remember writing it

Maybe you made your strategy at the start of your business, and now, you’re starting to not recognize the content or lose understanding of how and why your business runs the way it does. If you don’t remember concocting such an old-school masterpiece, is there really any question that you need a new one?

A lot has changed in the last 15, 10, and even 5 years. If you haven’t updated your marketing strategy in the last decade or so, it’s most likely no longer an accurate reflection of your business and goals.

But have no fear, Blayzer is here.

We are experts at creating a marketing strategy that will accomplish your goals while staying true to your brand. To see what we can create for you, contact Blayzer for a FREE marketing strategy consultation.